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Tuesday, July 29, 2003  
hey guys, I just wanted to thank everyone for a great weekend. I went out to the spino picnick and won myself a bottle of wine... and even though my car was giving me problems... Yeah i lost my breaks going down a hill :( things are still lookin up. I had so much fun you sam and amber and jason this weekend in sams juccuzi. And tonight I just got back from ENP where these girls were hitting on me hehe it was cute. Now I go back to work for a day or two. My moms birthday is on thursday and i finally get to give her my gift that ive had for over a month. not to mention my dad and me started talking a little about me being gay. he asked me to come live with him and i'm thinking about moving down there after I get out of skewl. anywhey have a great night i'm off to play ffx
10:36 PM

Saturday, July 26, 2003  
hey guys, thanx for a great weekend... Happy bday blue... it was a great party :) Welcome back sam and amber!!! toinght i went to julz's bro's grad part and that was a blast. and then I have mon and tues off :) if anyone wants to chill lemme know... :) :) :)
11:05 PM

Friday, July 18, 2003  
Hey peeps.... I just got in from another great night with Julz!!!! I'm so happy ive hung out with her the last few nights she is exactly what i needed. I cant say how glad I am to be friends with her :) :) thanx babe. Pegasus kicked ass tonight... not to mention I met one of julz friends lizzy :) hey babe!!!! It was great meeting you and I hope to see you again soon... maybe in alabama ;) to amber... I hope your having fun in sc I miss you baby!!!!l It seems like my life is starting to get a little bit better now that i'm hanging out with my friends again... thank god i quit work. Now i'm waiting for my mom to get up so i can take my car to the garage and have it looked at. and to rob... hey sweetie hope everythings going kewl fer ya. well i'm pretty well drunk and i need my mom to wake up so i think i'm going to go do or something.. hey guy's hope to see you soon and have a good night

3:04 AM

Wednesday, July 16, 2003  
adages, advice, experiance... all of these have something in common... they are supposed to prepare you for life. However, nothing really does. For every situation out there that you have experianced theres 10,000 other ones you havn't. People never cease to amaze me. How good some can be and how bad other are. I guess you just have to try to be the best person you can be and go on with life no matter what. what choice do we really have anywhey. If einstine is right then after we die.... we still go on. Ive always pictured it as a personal hell we create for ourself.
I quit work today. and got myself another job. One hopefully less stressfull. my goal is to have fun and spend more time with the friends that i have. maybe go out more often. Right now i could really use some friends in my life... just to chill with. I love you all

11:46 AM

Wednesday, July 09, 2003  
Some times my mom makes it so hard for me to love her. She can be really psychotic about something. I have an alter where I keep my religious things including some candle which serve certain purposes for me. she saw them and immediately started yelling at me to blow them out. at the time i had just lit them for a purpose and i just wanted to burn them for a little bit. I have had a really rough day and she couldn't understand that I couldn't handle her nagging and yelling at me at the moment. I had asked her to go away and she wouldnt... so i kept walking closer to her and backed her out of my room and slammed the door. then she came back in a few mins later and i blocked the door... so then she grabbed me and started pushing me and pinching me to get in my room. now i'm bleeding, my wall is broken becase i fell into it and i'm even more a mess....I really need to get out of this house... I cant go one day without her yelling at me for something. I dont know where i went wrong as a child but I never can make her happy unless it's with grades or money. if anyone wants a roomate for a mont before i go to skewl please let me know. I really hate my job right now and I hate how i have no time god i need to leave
8:56 PM

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