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Monday, September 29, 2003  
I guess things are starting to get back into order for me. I'm trying to straight out my life a little more by telling people whats on my mind. Furthermore I'm trying to live it up here my last semester of college. I am skared about getting out into the real world because I am worried that it might mean that I wont have fun anymore and I'll become some dull person that only goes to work. But it was a wonderful thing to hear from a friend of mine that has known me since i was 17 that I'm a free spirit. He said that he could never see me getting into a lifestyle like that because it's just not me. That made me feel really good. I have been working out like crazy and I look dayum hott if i do say so myself :) so i'm happy. Now just to work on skewl, and friendships :) Ide say things are going pretty well
7:23 PM

Monday, September 22, 2003  
well, it's a mondy after a long day of classes then to the gym again. It seems to be paying off and i'm happy about that. On my way home today I ended up pickup up a six pack of beer and i'm on my way to completing that while listening to placebo, the cure, and cocteau twins :) it's been an interesting day. I'm glad it rained. Today I just realized i only have 4 more classes of my networking course so that make me happy. my last sem is going pretty well so far except for my java class. well i'm going to go play some final fantasy and finish the six pack :)
6:06 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2003  
hey kiddies.... Well, i guess things with my uncle wern't as bad with my family as i had thought. The funeral is today, but it was more of an expected thing with him. The last year or so we had with him was good and I wish him well on his journies.
Otherwise I just found out that there is a stray cat outside my dorm it's the cutest thing. black shiney fur, but it was probably abused because it's afraid to get close to anyone.... i'm hoping that sometime it'll come out so I can play with it because I love cats.
I'm not quite sure whats going on for this weekend. were having a thanksgiving dinner because my grandparents are going to florida soon, or as i like to call it the jew magnet. I'm probably going to end up going home but the ass house is having a dance party on friday, so it might be on sat morning. :) and then prolly to vise on sat with ricky and amber :) I miss all my pgh friends. but i'll be home in december and i think i'm going to apply to national city again that way i can have a job that fits my hours, anywhey i'm off to class and the gym in a bit :)

10:15 AM

Monday, September 15, 2003  
Today between classes I got the news that my uncle had passed away. I took it a bit harder than I thought I would considering that we knew to expect it for over a year now. but when the dr gave him 3 months and it ended up being a year and a half later, I guess i just kinda put that out of my mind. I'm just hoping that my family isn't taking it to hard. but I can tell that they will. especially his immediate family. The odd thing too is it's just about the one year aniversary for my aunt Gussie. More than anything I think it's death that really hits me hard. It then that you realize just how fragile life really is and everything frivolous seems to dissapear. Thank you momo for hanging out with me today. :) You made me happy.
1:27 PM

Sunday, August 31, 2003  
skewl has been great so far. Ive become the AZZ sweetheart. :) :) :) and have had some wild experiances there. Saw a car going backwards down the street chased by cops on foot. and also puked the day before I moved in on there steps. lol I'm so happy that amber came to visit me. and i'm seeing a lot of friends that i miss. you guys are great!! not to mention that I love my new dorm room. (for the dorms) I have it all decorated red and black. :) my classes are going well. I have a good feeling about this sem. tTo top it all off it's almost over and then i'll be back home looking for a roomate and an apartment. so keep that in mind. I miss everyone so much.
luv mikey

12:17 AM

Friday, August 22, 2003  
hey guys.... WEll i'm off to IUP tommarow. Hoping that it'll be a great semester. Only now i'm realizing that this summer is actually over. I'm begining the end of my undergraduate dregree and commencing the start of the rest of my life. I only hope that my life from here out is filled with even more love and friends then I have had thusfar.

SAM- Your a great kid and dont let things get you down. You'll have to come visit me at IUP and we'll have some great times... Ure my lil pagan pal and we still gotta trade our secrets ;) dont forget about maybe moving to sc or cali ;)

Amber - To my newest gurl... YOU FUCKING RAWK. I'm definately looking forward to many nights of fun with you and I'm glad I have someone to talk to. You have helped me with a lot of things and I'm really glad I got to know you. make sure you come visit me at IUP!!!!!

Julz / liz - thanx for making my summer full of fun.. soon I'll be out and we'll get to see each other more frequently :) and liz... i'm still trying to make it to alabama for spring break ;)

Rob- I can see you... your blond hair shining in the sun... your got your hair freaked out and sunglasses on... I hope we stay friends and I hope things get better for you. If you ever need anything I'm only a phonecall away.

and to my friends at iup - GET READY FOR THE BEST FUCKING SEMESTER EVER!!!!!

5:54 PM

Friday, August 15, 2003  
This is dedicated to all the players out there...

Sometime I wish that I was an angel
A fallen angel who visits your dream
And in those dreams I'd blow you a message
That says you really want me

Sometimes I wish that I was a wrestler
A Mexican wrestler in a red vinyl mask
And I might grab you and body slam you
And maybe cause physical harm

And when we would land I might take pity on you
I can crack all your ribs but I can't break your heart

You will never love me
And this I can't forgive
But you will never love me
As long as I will live

Sometimes I wish that I was a beauty
A beautiful girl who was still 21
And I'd turn your head
As well as your buddies
And I could afford to play hard to get

And we'd go to parties
And you'd show me off
And I'd go home with someone else

You will never love me
And this I can't forgive
But you will never love me
As long as I will live

You will never love me
And why should I even care
It's not that you're so special
You're just the cross I bear
You will never love me
It will always bug me
You will never love me

-Jill Sobule

3:40 AM

It seems as though everyone goes through life as some type of object. Some are the crushed coke can under the wheel of your car, Others are the trophies you put on shelfs, some of us are Coo- Coo clocks. Whateve that object may be it's all subjective. In somones eyes you may be one type in another you may be the opposite. Its important to go through life being happy who you are realizing that you become your own object. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, okay most of the time. Life is full of hardships and it seems like when you get through with one another one is sent right your way. Everyone pushing and pulling you in some direction trying to get you to do thier bidding weather realized or not. Sometimes I feel like calling up god and saying "Stop the ride, I'm getting off!" Some people think because someone is famous, or rich, or married they are happy. I am begining to think no matter what most people are not happy. We are all stuck in this circus SideShow or main act in the 3 ring circus. I belive we all do the best job that we can, whatever that is good for. Mood - :/ music - Power of two : indigo girls
3:22 AM

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